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Combi Coccoro EG UB Red Rooster RM1499.00

1. Optimum position DACCO seat  - can effectively minimize the body stress to make a child staying more relax by giving the comfortable seat position

2. Ultra shock absorbent EGG SHOCK - materials are used to absorb all kinds of vibrations and shocks when car is in motion

3. Side protection - padding is added on left and right side to protect baby from side impact

4. HO cooling fabric - 3d mesh and HO cooling fabric applied on the seat cushion to ensure comfort of the child

5. Lower seat design - only 9.6cm leaving maximum height clearance when seating and unseating of the child

6. Anti slipping design - Advanced design ensures easy and secured installation

7. Buckle with indicatior - The seat buckle insets are designed to be matched before inserting the buckle. Colour indicatior will be changed from red to green after inserting in order to ensure the buckle is safely fastened and baby is secured.

8. Suitable from newborn to 4 years old

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