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Combi Cradling 360 Car Seat RM2299.00


Cradling 360 Protects Your Child On The Road

A child car seat is important for as it helps to protect your child during a road accident. A good car seat when used correctly, can prevent your child against any fatal injury. But what are the considerations for a good car seat? Combi Cradling 360, an award winning baby car seat shows you what it has that will keep your child safe on the road!

Compact But Sturdy Car Seat

Cradling 360 only weighs 12.5kg, one of the lightweight and compact car seats out there in the market. It fits easily into the car and allows parents to transfer the car seat out of the car to keep in the boot effortlessly. It is lightweight and compact but definitely, sturdy and strong enough to protect baby from danger.

360 Degree Revolving Seat

Young children have different needs, infants may need to be fully inclined while toddlers will love to sit right up to have a good view of his surroundings. Keeping the needs of parents on their mind, Combi Cradling 360 allows for easy reclining of the car seat with a simple navigation through a push-button. Parent can conveniently make adjustment while carrying the baby. There are 3 different positions that parents can choose from while keeping baby safe and comfortable through the ride!

Extra Head Protection For Our Fragile Baby

Baby’s head is extremely soft and fragile as it is still developing. With the new technology of EggShock Super pad, it provides additional support and protection for baby. In the case of a collision, the EggShock Super pad helps to absorb the shock and cushions the impact, protecting baby from harm. The headrest is also adjustable up to 8 positions which means that it grows together with your child.


Plus Point For A Comfortable Ride

The breathable material of Cradling 360 is made of 3D Air Mesh Seat. It helps to release the moisture and heat from the seat quickly especially if the baby has been sitting in it for a while. The soft cushion is also made of 3D Mesh too and it increases the ventilation especially in Sunny Singapore. It is great to know that baby will still feel comfortable after sitting through a long journey.


Adjustable Leg Support

The leg support of the Cradling 360 provides an extra support for the young child. It is easily adjustable according to the height of the seat base, heightening the comfort level and provide for better support and stability.

Protection Against Harmful UV Ray In Sunlight

Cradling 360’s canopy is equipped with ultra-violet ray protection that protects baby against harmful sun ray. It is equipped with a wide-sized canopy for extra protection and privacy especially when baby is resting. Peek-a-boo mesh cover opening at the top of the car seat allows for easy viewing of the baby.

Buckle With Colour Indicator

The seat buckle inserts are designed to be matched before inserting into the buckle, and after inserting correctly the colour indicator changes from red to green, indicating the buckle is safely fastened and the baby is secured.

Combi Cradling 360 is suitable for newborn all the way to 18kg, which is approximately 4 years old.
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